Christa Hines, LCSW, CADCII, Certified TRE® Provider


I am a psychotherapist, licensed as a clinical social worker and certified as an alcohol and drug counselor and TRE® provider, drawing on over 25 years of experience. My primary foundational belief is that our mind and body operate as one organism, which contains its own healing potential. Over years of practice. I have gained more training and knowledge in approaches that are evidence-based to assist clients in the natural healing process that exists within the mind and nervous system.

In the therapeutic relationship, I find that it is a privilege and an honor to sit with people in partnership as we look to the issues that need attention. I believe my role is to facilitate the process that unfolds as people find their truth within. It is my belief that therapy is a vehicle to help people create the reality they want for themselves, especially when they are feeling stuck or disconnected from the life they would like to have. This includes moving to a state of regulation in the nervous system and accessing the wisdom that already exists in a person’s brain chemistry and somatic experience.


"There is a reason you can learn from everything: you have basic wisdom, basic intelligence and basic goodness."

 Pema Chödrön, Talking to Ourselves