About Me


I am fortunate enough to be a person who was certain this was my professional path of choice early on in life, finding this passion as early as adolescence when I started volunteering in social service agencies. I worked for a decade in community based mental health and addictions treatment settings before I received my master’s degree in Clinical Social Work in 2000. In community based, behavioral health, nonprofit settings I worked providing direct service, program management and supervision for outpatient and inpatient treatment settings. I eventually shifted to providing co-located psychotherapy in a family medicine and primary care clinic. This offered a natural progression to starting a private practice in 2010.

In private practice I have had the privilege of expanding my specialty in treating trauma and nervous system dysregulation as it relates to mental health, addiction, and chronic illness. I use a Polyvagal informed psychotherapy approach with a focus on nervous system health, regulation, and safety. All of the approaches I use are considered ‘bottom-up’ rather than ‘top-down’ approaches, which means there is more of an opportunity for wholeness and somatic integration of safety. The science of the nervous systems tells us that it is impossible to heal (from chronic illness or trauma) if we are not able to access safety. It is a gift to be part of the therapeutic relationship and attune to your nervous system as you embody this safety and healing.